Benefit Employers = Benefit to Employees = Benefit to Families and Communities

 Businesses:  Do you want support to create an inclusive workplace?  Call and find out how to be a champion and to find out the supports available to you as a business.  Call SNAPS at 403- 603-3232.

The Project is offered in partnership with Literacy for Life Foundation, Foothills Special Needs Association for Parents and Siblings (SNAPS), Foothills Fetal Alcohol Society and Wildrose Community Connections Partially funded by MD FCSS and Red Cross.

Check out this video that demonstrates some of the pitfalls that face employees.  These pitfalls are due to visible or invisible barriers and interfere in their ability to be good employees.  Employees need skills, training and support.  Employers need strategies to help them recognize the barriers and strategies to create an effeceint, effective workplace.

Mark Wafer kicked off the “Work a Day in my Shoes” project in the MD of Foothills on October 9th 2014.  He brought first hand experience and hard facts on the benefits to business of the value of supporting an inclusive workplace.

“I have employed almost 100 PWDs in 19 years of business, all in meaningful and competitively paid positions (never below minimum wage). I train my employees and enroll them in programs – and I expect a return on my investment. I have never accepted a subsidy to hire a worker, because I can’t invest in a person paid by someone else. I only hire the best workers; there has never been a position in my business called “charity.

This philosophy has helped my business succeed, not only by reducing costs and building morale, but by positioning me to better access a massive market opportunity”.   Mark Wafer, 2014

Click on the link to the article below to find out more about the benefits to your business of hiring people with hidden and visible barriers to employment.

Don’t Lower the Bar – Whitepaper by Mark Wafer

Person’s will disabilities come in at  15.5% of the population and is a group we could all become part of through an accident or illness.  StatsCan reports that fifty percent of the 5.4 million Canadians with some form of disability are unemployed (the actual number is probably closer to 70%).

With the right job, training and support many of the people listed in this statistic  can find meaningful employment that helps a business owner meet their goals, however, they are often overlooked when employers are seeking employees.

Everyone working to their economic potential
Everyone working to their economic potential




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