Exciting Year for Literacy for Life!

It is hard to believe that we are in almost a month into 2018! We are so excited about this year!

First and foremost, Literacy for Life Foundation is celebrating our 20-year anniversary! 20 years of bringing family and adult literacy programs to the communities of the MD of Foothills! We are so grateful for the support of the communities, staff, volunteers and donors. Our success is a reflection on all of you – so thank you! We are in the midst of planning a celebration and look forward to sharing with all of you the plans once they are finalized.

Family Literacy Day is January 27, 2018. This is a national Canadian event that draws attention to the importance of reading and engaging the whole family in learning activities. Once again this year we have partnered with the school divisions and libraries in our community for our Family Literacy Day Bingo Card Challenge!

All students in Grade 3 will be coming home with a bingo card that encourages the whole family to participate in literacy activities together! If you don’t have a child in Grade 3 then swing by one of the libraries – High River Library, Okotoks Library or Sheep River Library – and pick up a card and get everyone in the house involved! Once you have completed your card, drop it off at any of the 3 libraries and be entered in to win a fabulous Family Fun Pack which includes day passes to family fun facilities, board games and a gift certificate for pizza!!

We would like to thank Okotoks Orthodontics for their corporate sponsorship with this program! We have had tremendous support this year from so many businesses that have donated passes to help create these prize packs so thank you to all of them as well!

·         Big Rock Bouldering

·         Kayben Farms

·         Telus Spark Center

·         Heritage Park

·         Calaway Park


Have fun everyone!!

#KindStones #Foothills #Community #Wellness #ArtBased

#KindStones #Foothills


First you need some flat, paintable rocks.  Decorate your rock — getting as creative as you like — and seal it.  Somewhere on the rock print or write #KindStones.  This hash tag will tell people it is part of the KindStones project. Hide your rock and take a picture.  Post to the Facebook page and add some clues.

Start hunting for rocks painted by other people and families.  You can choose to create and hide, while others will participate in it all; painting, hiding, and finding. If you find a rock, you can either re-hide it or keep it. Lots of people choose to keep their first rock and then re-hide the rest.  Don’t forget to print the hashtag #KindStones on the rock.

Family friendly, get out and search, build literacy skills, have fun!

Have fun as a family or individual and paint your #KindStones.  Watch for opportunities in the community to paint some more.

Donated #KindStones

Art has long been known to have therapeutic properties. In creating visual images, people ‘draw’ on the right side of their brains. This same side is used before spoken language develops and is where visual memories are stored. Creativity is also well recognised for its potential to heal people, express hidden emotions, reduce stress, fear and anxiety, and promote a sense of autonomy. Engaging people and the community in the arts can inspire and motivate, opening up new possibilities for creative expression and imagination. It can stimulate a person’s ability to question and connect with the world around them, and nurture positive aspirations, confidence and the capacity for autonomous critical thought. It can also help people to develop the resilience to manage challenging life circumstances.  Arts experiences challenge people’s sense of themselves in a very different way to formal education, providing different opportunities for people to explore their identity, skills and abilities. There may also be greater emphasis on process than on the outcomes or products required of more traditional approaches. As a consequence, people report a sense of enjoyment and achievement in creating art and can also demonstrate greater levels of motivation, improved self-esteem, self-awareness, resilience and community engagement. Many evaluations of arts interventions document their effectiveness in re-engaging people in education and developing skills that are transferable and as relevant to developing literacy and numeracy as to making art.  Art can provide people with a voice.


Fun! Laughter, Creativity! Cardboard Challenge! Adult Spelling Bee! Support Literacy!

Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee



There are a number of ways you can participate or support building literacy in the Foothills.  Literacy can not stand alone.  It is a community responsibility. Check out this website for information on the work Literacy for Life does in in the community:

  1. Enter a team of 3 ADULTS to compete for the title of the “Gratest Spelling Team” for 2017 (event will have a max. of 12 teams and 10 are registered to date).
    • $50 registration fee plus (optional)$100 for mulligans.
    • Collect donations. Use this easy online fundraising tool! Grate prizes for the teams that raise the “Gratest Pledges”: 1st place , 2nd place and 3rd place.
    • (optional) Sell a book of raffle tickets to raise extra funds. Only 1,500 tickets being printed at $10 each. Prize is $3,000 in Air Canada travel cards and an awesome travel goody bag.
    • On event day, your team members should arrive in their “Awesome Costumes”.  Invite family and friends to come and cheer you on! *New* this year is a prize to the Audience Member with the Gratest Costume!

Go to this LINK for more information on the bee and to get your entry forms.

If entering a team isn’t your bag but you still want to help:

    • Sell raffle tickets – email info@litforlife.com or call Stephanie @ 403-652-5090.
    • Purchase a raffle ticket(s) for $10 each – contact the Literacy for Life office at 403-652-5090 or watch for volunteers at various community events – e.g. High River Hospital, and High River Farmer’s Markets to name just a few).  The draw date is December 27th – Grate gifts for Christmas – do your charitable giving with the chance of winning a grate prize.
    • Donate – all funds support literacy programs in the MD of Foothills.  Each team will have an onlinne fundraising page.  Support your favorite team by following this link!
    • Like Literacy for Life’s Facebook page and Instagram, or follow them on Twitter and share posts/tweets about the Bee:
  1. Join us in the Foothills Cardboard Challenge from June to September. Literacy for Life is challenging families in the Foothills to have fun and get creative. Post a picture of your creation to our Facebook and/or Instagram. On September 30th 2017, from 12:30 to 3:30 pm  come down to the Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee,  have fun and participate in some creative play. Material will be provided.  We will take pictures and post them to our Instagram and print them to post on our Creativity Board.  You can take your item home and enjoy.  (We are hoping families and schools would get involved over June, the summer and into July) Check out this link to find out more about the Foothills Cardboard Challenge

    Build Community and Creativity – Global Cardboard Challenge

  2. Buy a Bee for Literacy!  June 1st to June 30th you can support literacy in the Foothills by purchasing a bee for only a Toonie at the Okotoks and High River Sobeys and AG Country Mart in Black Diamond. Every little bit helps.

Build Community and Creativity – Foothills Cardboard Challenge and #KindStones Project

Literacy for Life is challenging families in the Foothills to have fun and get creative by participating in the Cardboard Challenge and the #KindStone Project. These two activities can be done year round in your home.

Check out this link for information on the #KindStone Project.  Go to the Facebook page to participate. This Grate designs were creations from the 2017 Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee.













Watch for information on the Cardboard Challenge in September 2018 at the Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee.  Have fun and participate in some creative play.  Aren’t these Awesome!
















What is the Global Cardboard Challenge? Check it out!  Make sure you watch the video “Caines Arcade”

Global Cardboard Challenge


Fun! Fun! Fun! Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee 2016!

The 4th Annual Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee held on October 1st 2016 at the historic Wales Theatre was a success. Raised: $17,725 and $6,000.00 more to come from the Raffle.

Gratest Spellers – Big Rockies, Town of Okotoks

Gratest Pledges Raised – Wild Roses

2nd Gratest Pledges Raised – Tie – The Kaliedoscopes and the Super Bees

3rd Gratest Pledges Raised – The Business Babes

Gratest Costumes – The Kaliedoscopes

2016 Raffle Ticket Sales are still for sale – The winner will take home $5,000.00 in Air Canada Gift Cards.  Only 1500 printed. $10.00 a ticket!  Tickets can be bought by calling 652.5090 or email info@litforlife.com or a at various events in the community.

High River Hospital – October 19th – 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Museum of the Highwood – 406 1st St. SW

Our community had fun and celebrated community and fostered creativity in ourselves and our children.Check out some of the wonderful creations.  Thank you Shirley Paradis for all your help,











Help us Build our Volunteer Program! Teach a Man to Fish….!

There’s an old saying…

…that goes something like “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.”  Through teaching individual’s literacy and the nine essential skills we give people the ability to look after themselves for a lifetime.  Literacy is a tool that will allow a person to create his/her own solutions in the future.

Percentages of Canadians with below desired literacy and numeracy rates are staggering: 49% for literacy and 55% for numeracy; this means almost 6 in 10 Canadians do not have the desired level of numeracy skills. People from poor families as well as the long-term unemployed, seniors, native people, prisoners, people with disabilities, and racial and cultural minorities all have higher rates of both illiteracy and poverty. Poverty has a direct link to illiteracy and vice versa (National Adult Literacy Database, Movement for Canadian Literacy, Literacy is for Life, Fact Sheet #9, Literacy and Poverty).

Literacy for Life relies on volunteers to make a difference in our communities. We are a small but mighty organization that wants to desperately change the literacy levels in our communities, however with growth in population and changing needs due to immigration and the economic downturn our cup is full.  We need help to build our volunteer management program so we are able to continue to offer programs that make a difference in people’s ability to work and participate fully in the community and family. Join us and contribute to the cause! Your donation will make a difference in people’s live. Please share our cause so others have the opportunity to join us!

For every increment of $20.00 in donations your name will go into a draw for a limited edition, signed copy by authors, photographers and dignataries of the Stories of the High River Flood Book.  2 Books available for the draw. Check out this website for more information on the book.

Watch our video below, make your donation and please share with others.

Literacy for Life Foundation