Fun! Fun! Fun! Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee 2017!

Did you know…

The Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee is the hottest competition in the Foothills. This hilarious, action packed event has teams of 3 adults competing in a battle for bragging rights to spelling supremacy. Each team helps fundraise to support literacy and learning in the Foothills.

When: September 30th, 2017  Doors open at 12:30 pm

Where: Historic Wales Theatre in High River

If you are interested in entering a team call 403.652.5090, email  or click on link for 2017 Registration Forms, Rules, Instructions and Donor Sheet.

Help your favourite team win a prize for collecting the Gratest Donations.



Click on link to donate!

The Bee will be held on Alberta Arts and Culture Days which will add lots of fun and activity to the day. Family friendly event – come out and participate in the Cardboard Challenge and help us build creativity and community.

Watch for upcoming information end of August on our new project #ShareRocks – bring your rocks and paint and brushes will be provided.

Raffle Tickets Available:  Win $3,000.00 in Air Canada Gift Cards and an awesome travel goodie bag.  Only 1500 tickets printed.  $10.00 a ticket. Call the office at 403.652.5090 or email  Tickets can be purchased at Museum of the Highwood and Studio D in High River or check out our calendar for dates in the community.

2016 Gratest Spellers
Come out and join us on Sept 30 2017

High River Sobeys, Okotoks Sobeys and AG Foods Country Mart in Black Diamond supported literacy by selling paper bees during the month of June.  They raised over $1200.00! Thank you to these wonderful local businesses as well as Sun Country and Kevin Wallace

Build Community and Creativity – Foothills Cardboard Challenge and #ShareRocks Project

Join us in the Foothills Cardboard Challenge from June to September. Literacy for Life is challenging families in the Foothills to have fun and get creative.

Post a picture of your creation to our FaceBook and/or Instagram

On September 30th 2017, from 12:30 to 3:30 pm  come down to the Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee,  have fun and participate in some creative play. Material will be provided.  We will take pictures and post them to our Instagram and print them to post on our Creativity Board.  You can take your item home and enjoy!

Amazing creativity and an amazing little boy.
Amazing creativity and an amazing little boy.

Watch for upcoming information end of August on our new project #ShareRocks – bring your rocks and paint and brushes will be provided.

Why Participate?

The Global Cardboard Challenge gives children an opportunity to collaborate, learn, and build the things they imagine through a simple process called Creative Play. The Challenge lets children explore their interests and passions; teaches critical thinking, resourcefulness, perseverance, teamwork and other 21st century skills; and brings communities together to foster and celebrate child creativity! (taken from Imagination Foundation website)

Value of Creativity

What is the Global Cardboard Challenge? Check it out!  Make sure you watch the video “Caines Arcade”

Global Cardboard Challenge


You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream!

“You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream!”

C.S. Lewis

Technology for Seniors – New Horizon Grant

Partnership between Literacy for Life Foundation, High River Library, Bow Valley College and McBride Career Services.

As seniors begin to downsize their homes and have to move into care or a smaller home, there is often limited space for many of their memories and items that give quality of life, such as records, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, photographs, slides and negatives. A portion of the funds would be used to purchase equipment that would be housed at the library to transcribe these memories to a digital format. A core group of computer literate seniors and youth would be available to mentor and teach others how to work the equipment. The library in High River is a hub for seniors in our community, as well, staff of the library would be available to support the senior/youth mentors. Many older adults are not computer literate and would first need individualized basic training. The development of senior and youth mentors would compliment and enhance existing basic computer classes, in particular for the more isolated senior.

If anyone is interested in becoming a mentor for other seniors, needs help or would like training on the new technology contact the High River Library, 403.652.2917.  Training is being offered so check in with the library.  Literacy for Life Foundation also offers basic technology training through courses and Computer Cafe.  Check out  Literacy for Life Program Event Page and Registration for information on upcoming programs and support.

Check out Workplace Resources  on our web site.  It lists resources to help you build those nine essential skills to meet your goals and dreams.

Check out this link to watch some videos that explain the 9 Essential Skills.

I got skills The nine essential skills include reading, writing, oral communication, document use, numeracy, technology, working together, thinking skills and lifelong learning.

Building Skills
Building Skills



Support Literacy – #GGUSBEE Raffle Prize Winner

Winner of the 2015 Raffle – Athenna Ledoux 

Congratulations and have fun with your family on this wonderful trip!
Congratulations and have fun with your family on this wonderful trip!

Her choose was the Orlando Adventure – hotel, flights and  1-day tickets to SeaWorld Orlando and 1-day/1-park tickets to Universal Resort Orlando – For 4

Sea World and more
Sea World and more
Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee
Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee

Time to Register – March 9th 2015

Literacy for Life offers a wide range of programs for families and adults. Check out our Parent/Child Pre-School Programs, School Aged Programs and Adult ProgramsOnline registration or call the office at 403.652.5090 starting March 9th 2015 for Spring Registration.

Our programs are free or low-cost and are open to all residents of the Municipal District of Foothills #31 in Alberta, Canada. Part of our service to the community is to provide information and resources for parents and agencies.  Visit our FaceBook and Pinterest for current information and resources

Literacy and learning are keys to success in life. It is never too late to make a difference in our learning. Literacy for Life programs provide a way for adults to seek out and engage in lifelong learning opportunities in the community – for themselves and their family. These programs help build the nine essential skills needed for work, family and community.


“It is important to affect an individual’s literacy development early, but as literacy and learning are a lifetime process, it is never too late and never too early.”

CTV video demonstrating the importance of the early years.

Benefit Employers = Benefit to Employees = Benefit to Families and Communities

 Businesses:  Do you want support to create an inclusive workplace?  Call and find out how to be a champion and to find out the supports available to you as a business.  Call SNAPS at 403- 603-3232.

The Project is offered in partnership with Literacy for Life Foundation, Foothills Special Needs Association for Parents and Siblings (SNAPS), Foothills Fetal Alcohol Society and Wildrose Community Connections Partially funded by MD FCSS and Red Cross.

Check out this video that demonstrates some of the pitfalls that face employees.  These pitfalls are due to visible or invisible barriers and interfere in their ability to be good employees.  Employees need skills, training and support.  Employers need strategies to help them recognize the barriers and strategies to create an effeceint, effective workplace.

Mark Wafer kicked off the “Work a Day in my Shoes” project in the MD of Foothills on October 9th 2014.  He brought first hand experience and hard facts on the benefits to business of the value of supporting an inclusive workplace.

“I have employed almost 100 PWDs in 19 years of business, all in meaningful and competitively paid positions (never below minimum wage). I train my employees and enroll them in programs – and I expect a return on my investment. I have never accepted a subsidy to hire a worker, because I can’t invest in a person paid by someone else. I only hire the best workers; there has never been a position in my business called “charity.

This philosophy has helped my business succeed, not only by reducing costs and building morale, but by positioning me to better access a massive market opportunity”.   Mark Wafer, 2014

Click on the link to the article below to find out more about the benefits to your business of hiring people with hidden and visible barriers to employment.

Don’t Lower the Bar – Whitepaper by Mark Wafer

Person’s will disabilities come in at  15.5% of the population and is a group we could all become part of through an accident or illness.  StatsCan reports that fifty percent of the 5.4 million Canadians with some form of disability are unemployed (the actual number is probably closer to 70%).

With the right job, training and support many of the people listed in this statistic  can find meaningful employment that helps a business owner meet their goals, however, they are often overlooked when employers are seeking employees.

Everyone working to their economic potential
Everyone working to their economic potential