Book Bungalows – A Community Project

Book Bungalows

32 Book Bungalows have been adopted and distributed to good homes. Individuals and community groups have taken on the care of these wonderful additions to our community.  The Bungalows will increase access to books, promote literacy in the community and promote the community working together.  “Take a Book and/or Leave a Book!” You do not need to trade or leave a book each time you take one.  

Click on link for the locations of the Book Bungalows. Thank you Town of High River.

Click on link below picture for a map of the locations of the Book Bungalows.

Do you already own a little free library?  Would you like to be added to the map? Please contact the office with your address and contact information. or 403.652.5090\

Highwood HighSchool Grade 10 Construction class constructed the Bungalows as a school project.  We are excited to partner with the young people at that school.   High River Home Hardware, High River Rotary, and the High River Vitality Fund were generous donors to this project. We have had help from many volunteers. Delbert Moncrieff donated his time and truck to transport the bungalows to the Culture Centre.  The High River Firemen and Fred Stegmeier came out and helped move them into the Culture Centre.  The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee painted two of the Bungalows.

Highwood High School Grade 10 Construction Class
Youth Volunteers – Thank you

A Book Bungalow and a Board Game Box will be set up on between Evelyn’s Memory Lane and Colossi’s downtown for public use.   On September 8th, International Literacy Day, we will be launching the Book Bungalows.  Ribbon Cutting at 11:30 am with cake to follow. We will be there until 2:00 pm.  Come down celebrate the official launch.  (118 4 Ave SW, High River)

We also will be selling raffle tickets in support of literacy at the launch! Only $10.00 a ticket and you could win $3,000 in Air Canada Gift Cards and an awesome Travel Goody Bag.  All funds support local individuals and families.

Community Garden
Joe Clark School Bungalow
Thank you Delbert

Did you lose a little bit of magic in the flood of 2013?

The quote “Books are a uniquely portable magic.”  (Stephen King) holds true for many people.  Even if you do not see yourself as a reader of novels that take you away to another place; a book or reading material is MAGIC!  It can help you fix things, make things, learn things entertain and teach your child and much more.

In June 2013 many people lost a little bit of magic when the flood hit the MD of Foothills. People had books in the basement or lower levels.  If you were like me you would have had some of your children’s books stored to be able to pass on to your grandchild.   Another item that was lost to many people were their  board games.  Some were still in use and again some were stored to share when the grandchildren came along.

Literacy for Life has received some funding from the United Service Clubs Flood Funding and the High River Disaster Relief Fund.  If you lost a book or board game in the flood and you lived within the MD of Foothills on June 20th 2013 we would like to replace a little bit of the magic you 2

If you are on Facebook go to our  page at FaceBook, “LIKE” our page and then tell us what book or board game you would like replaced and why.  We would like to get a conversation going about the magic of books and games.  What does it mean to you?   Next PRIVATE message us with your name, contact info, and book title and author and any other information you have.  The more information the better we can find the book or board game.

If you are not on Facebook then email ( or phone (403.652.5090) with your name, contact info and the book title and author.  The more information we receive the better we will be able to find the book or board game you are looking for.

It will be on a first come basis until the funding is gone.  One item per family member although a book series may be considered depending on cost.

Flat Stanley – Comes on your journey through the Flood of 2013

Information was shared with Literacy for Life and other agencies from Alberta Health Services’ Healthy Minds/Healthy Children Outreach Services.  The intent was to provide information to agency personnel and families on how to help children through the Flood of 2013.  One of the links they provided was FEMA for       Kids.  This is an American link however the tool they use to help prepare children for disasters is a character that many Canadian school aged children are familiar with.  Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley?  I just learned something today.  I did not know there was also a Flat Stella.  Flat Stanley originated from a 1964 children’s book written by Jeff Brown.  Read more about the Flat Stanley project by going to or  Flat Stanley actually accompanied us on a trip to the Grand Canyon this spring.

I started to think that maybe this would be an idea for families as they go through this difficult time.  I wondered if it might open up opportunities for discussion with children or give them and the family a concrete focus as they go through the many changes that families face in a disaster.   I also wondered if it might be a way to help families and children continue to build their literacy and learning skills over the next couple of months.

Download the template for Flat Stanley or Flat Stella at this site   Take pictures of Flat Stanley at the evacuation centre or the place your family is staying.  Take pictures of Flat Stanley with the wonderful new people you meet or new places you go.  If you use Facebook upload the pictures to Literacy for Life Foundation Facebook page.  We would love to see them.  Write a little story to go with your picture.

Whether you do this activity or not there is very good information on the FEMA site.   FEMA for       Kids   It contains kid-friendly flood information presented in an engaging manner.

Flat Stanley Flat stella

The Magic of a Fort – Even during a Flood!

This blog was written by a staff member before the Flood of 2013.  The intent had been to post it in July when children were out of school.  As Executive Director I came to our blog to write something that reflected what was happening due to the flood that impacted so many of our families and individuals in our communities.  I was going to postpone this post until later. After reading the blog it was very obvious that this was the best thing to share with people.  It is a fun activity that can be done anywhere with blankets found in an evacuation centre, hotel room or if you are a guest in an amazing volunteer’s home.  Create fond memories for yourself and your children during a very difficult time. Go to our Pinterest account ( and find many simple activities and links that can help soothe your children as well as support their learning.  Remember play and laughter is a great healer!

One of the fondest memories of my childhood was the weekend my Grandma and her sister babysat me.  They really made my weekend super special.  It was not that they showered me with gifts. It was not that they let me get away with more. They did not let me stay up late or eat lots of treats. What made the weekend the best ever for me was the fort. Grandma and her sister moved all the furniture around in the living room, hauled out the dining room chairs, strung up lots of towels and sheets and voila! I had the coolest fort ever. I got to spend the whole weekend lounging and playing in my very own fort. You should have heard the snickers and giggles at the end of the weekend as we raced around putting everything back in place before my mom came home. She was a little particular, but that is a whole other story. This memory is tucked in my heart as one of the very best.

Why not spend some time with your child and consider exploring the world of the indoor fort. Keep it super simple and hang a sheet over a table and make the fort underneath. In my opinion, you are never too old to make a fort. Well, as a matter of fact, I had make a fort on my Christmas staycation bucket list for 2012. My husband surprised me one morning of our holidays with a couch fort. I got to snuggle on in and spend some quality time reading and watching movies with my family – all from my little couch den.

fort 5
Forts bring smiles
  • Forts are cozy
  • Forts are fun
  • Forts are imaginative
  • Forts are creative
  • Forts are a haven

Fun it up!

Here are some ways to add to the enjoyment of fort time:

  • Bring books – read together, read alone, read to each other
  • Bring craft supplies – you never know what creative juices may start to flow
  • Bring snacks – make a snack with your child, toss it in a paper bag or basket and have a picnic
  • Go “old school” – keep the electronic gadgets away. Try it out and see what happens…
  • All ages welcome – join your kids and get in the fort
  • Add friends – invite others to play, don’t forget the family pet
  • Sweet dreams – sleep the night in your fort

fort 4

Forts are a fabulous way to give your child the time and attention they want and need.

Leave a comment of your fort experiences. We would love to hear from you.


The Power of Words

It wasn’t very hard to fall head over heels for the movie The Help, based on the novel by Kathryn Stockett. It was an empowering story of three unforgettable women. One of the most moving lines is when Aibileen Clark gently tells a distraught little girl that “she is smart, she is kind, she is important.”

Have a look at this special moment.            you is kind

Words are very powerful.  They are comforting, strengthening, reassuring and empowering.

Build strong family relationships every day

Make sure your family hears…

  • I believe in you…
  • I trust you…
  • I know you can handle it…
  • You are listened to…
  • You are cared for…
  • You are important to me…
    Source: Barbara Coloroso

Would you not feel uplifted hearing any of these things? It is that simple and it has that much impact. Go tell someone in your family today just how wonderful they are.

What are some simple ways that you build strong relationships in your family?

For more Top 10 Tips for a healthy, happy family visit the Foothills Children’s Wellness Network