Financial Literacy Week

October 30th – November 5th

Financial Literacy Week is a national awareness and engagement campaign that seeks to increase the financial literacy and math skills of Canadians. Two of the nine essential skills are numeracy and critical thinking. Lack of these skills impacts on a person’s daily and work life. It is not just about numbers.

To use numbers in a practical way, individuals need to be able to read and problem solve.   Think about how often you use numbers – and how you use them.  If you did not have those skills think of the impact! For example, imagine measuring medication, building things, cooking, banking or using money without ability to use numbers!

Literacy for Life is offering courses to help individuals learn about computer use
and numeracy. View course descriptions and register here:


Welcome to our blog

Welcome to Literacy for Life’s journey into using one of the nine essential skills needed for life, work and community.  The use of technology or computer use is one of the new literacies in the world.  Part of our goals as an organization is to promote and create awareness of literacy and that happens through sharing and open dialogue.

We are a non profit organization that is trying to “Get the Word Out” that literacy has changed over the years. No longer is it just about reading and writing. It’s about being able to read and write well, more often, and in many different mediums.

They are not simple skills, but essential in today’s knowledge-based workplace and society.  Here is a great video out that was created by Literacy BC called “Literacy is like Velcro”: